Oilinform Upstream

The program was developed by E-A Energy Consulting in cooperation with OOO Sheroil Stars This CD-ROM is an electronic reference book designed for oil-and-gas specialists working in the field of oil-and-gas exploration, drilling, and production.

Sections: Geology, Equipment, Materials, Technologies, Services, Companies, Software, References, Accessories

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95, 98,ME,NT,2000/XP operating systemv

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and higher

Pentium processor

32Mb RAM

256-color SVGA 256

CD-ROM drive



1. Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM Drive: the CD-ROM supports AutoPlay and starts running automatically.

2. When the menu appears, click the "Install Program" button.

3. To start the program, choose Start - Programs - OILINFORM - OILINFORM shortcut.

4. This disk also contains Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 Russian version in the folder CDROM:\IE60